How it Works

You Design Your Perfect Shoes. We give you the privilege to design your shoes the way you want it with our wide range of materials and style options. You can choose the materials, shape and height and design a shoe you dreamt of.

Step 1> Select the base model – Select the base model from the range of options below. You can select the model you would like to design and enter our customization window. Do not worry, you can also change the style from the customization window if you decide so.

Choose Your Base Model

Step 2> 3D Designer Tool – With our advanced 3D design tool, you can select a range of materials for your shoe, you can click on the part of the shoe to apply the material or select the part from the drop down to customize. On the Style tab, you will see a list of more than 80 styles to chose from. You can at any point of time change the style if you wish so. Use the ruler above to change the size of the heels if required. Note only few shoes will have the ruler enabled as not all styles have changeable heels. Heel sizes are in inches.

Select Material

Choose Style

Step 3> Once you have finalised your design, you can proceed to the checkout page to make the payment.

Step 4> Sit back and Relax, Your perfect shoes designed by you will be delivered to you in 7-10 working days